Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I got some serious Sega Retro time in this weekend.

I played a crap copy of "Sol Feace" for the Sega CD that I was sure was not going to work. And it did! It was really beat up.

That was pretty cool.

Then I played some Final Fight CD and some Sonic CD. I think the only good Sega CD game I don't have is Snatcher.

I got my Saturn out and played some "Nights". I got my copy from a thrift charity store. It was still inside a Sega Saturn Version 2. (It pays to check used consoles for games. Chances are someone was playing a good game before they got rid of the system.)

With no manual I had no idea how to play. I do have the right controller since I got like 3 in the bundle of stuff I got in Buffalo 3 years ago. I still had fun playing it even though I had no idea what the hell I was doing. Getting told "Good Job" by the game and having tons of colors is pretty cool.

I gotta check to see if my copy of Virtual On is Netlink compatible.


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