Tuesday, May 05, 2009

People making 400 K a year are complaining...



$400,000 and they OWN their own home...

I am paraphrasing Terry Pratchett here...

A rich man buys a nice pair of boots that will last him 5 years. They are expensive but they last.

A poor man buys a crappy pair of boots that will last him 1 year. They are cheap but because of the hard work and long hours they wear out quickly.

The poor man ends up paying MORE money on boots during that 5 years than the rich man.

The kicker is that the poor man will still be wearing shitty boots that leak during all that time.

And the rich bastard spends that time complaining ab0ut how much his nice comfortable boots cost.


Someone who makes $400,000 a year has NOTHING to complain about.

It makes me SICK that we are so f'ed up as a society that we allow these people to bitch and moan.

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