Saturday, May 16, 2009

Food Review: Chobani Non-Fat Greek Yogurt

Amazing good.
Amazing expensive.

The fact that this yogurt is completely fat free and all natural makes the different though. I had never even heard of "greek style" yogurt before. This stuff is really good.

This is a definite buy if you have a coupon (one is available through the website but they make you install third party software to get it) or if it is on sale.

It is far thicker and creamier than normal full fat yogurt. It even has less sodium than most non-fat brands.

The only unhealthy thing is the sugar content which is high. 19 grams!

At 140 calories this isn't exactly health food but I have been working out a lot recently so I do need Protein from a low fat source. And this has 28% of your daily protein in one tub. 28%! That is more than the average protein bar with NO FAT and less calories than the average protein bar.

So yeah you can't really eat two of these every day but this is a really nice somewhat healthy treat that can be had on a regular basis by someone who is working out a bit. You just have to remember that you can't get sugary stuff like this all the time and expect to loose weight just because it's low fat.

I only tried the fruit varieties but I assume they are all pretty good. I assume the plain version has less sugar in it and is better for you.

An easy "A" for this food item.

A definite buy on sale or with coupon.

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