Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The average Video game player is 35 years old.

I am 27.

So I don't feel that bad.

But I am getting older and I feel like the industry is leaving me behind. You HAVE to have internet access to play newer games on the PC. I can't really afford the high prices...

I dunno. Maybe if I budget my money a bit more. Stop eating out. (Salad, soup and Stromboli today) Save up a bit. Right now though I cannot afford it.

Well actually I CAN. But I am just so frigging tight fisted sometimes and wasteful other times.

I traded a bunch of old games at Gamestop (scratched double copies) for the limited edition of Fallout 3. What a great game. FUN.

They really captured the mood of the fallout world well.

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fatherkrishna said...

What are you playing it on? The PC?