Monday, March 23, 2009

Breaking into stuff. (legally!)

Well here is something interesting.

Well the library shut down today so we could adjust the shelves.

While cataloging old equipment in the basement I found out we had two old broken copy machines. I was told that we were going to sell them for scrap (too broken and old). I noticed that they both still had the money boxes included.

Like this one:

It turned out that the company that we used to go through a few years ago never fixed the machines and didn't do service calls. When we got another company to provide copier service the other company just left the broken copiers with us and gave us ownership papers.

They also never gave us the key to open up the money box.

All these years they just sat there. Since they are going to the scrapyard anyways the custodian tried to open them up and failed. Armed with a prybar and the motto "when in doubt go for the hinges" I manged to open up both of them up. It was so incredibly fun to do this legally.

I found well over $100 of bills and change which will be used for new multi-media cases.

This has been a good day. *pics soon*

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