Monday, February 09, 2009

Signs of the Depression.

A few signs of the depression I have seen recently.

1. More and more patrons smelling of cheap malt liquor / beer.

There really is a sour odor that goes along with that cheap ass hop. I noticed it as a freshman when my roomate would come home from parties. As I indulged myself I stopped noticing the smell.

Now I don't drink much at all really. And certainly NOT malt liquor. The health risks far outweigh the cheap price. Go drink a good microbrew or Lager or stout.

So the smell wafting from several people is much more noticeable to me. And it seems like there are more of them everyday.

2. Sliders are back in style.

Sliders or very small hamburgers were made popular in the depression era because they were so cheap (5 cents per burger). Of course this item was inexpensive because there was so little meat involved.

Some restaurants like White Castle made themselves famous by providing bags of multiple burgers with toppings.

However, the original depression age sandwich with minimal toppings is making a comeback in modern fast food. A pair or tiny hamburgers can be purchased at Burger King a fast food place for a cheap price.

It's amazing since in the recent past most fast food places strove to serve the largest sandwhiches possible. Even McDonalds ( A corporation that I DO NOT do business with for several reasons) cut down the number of cheese slices in it's $1 double. Honestly that sandwich dollar menu is the only reason they are doing business.

3. Coke unleashes the $1 1.5 liter container.

Considering that most places that sell individual small bottles of soda charge more than $1 for them this "seems" like a bargain. It's not.

See Coke and Pepsi used to sell soda for .99 for a 2 liter bottle. Now they NEVER do.

It's certainly not because putting carbonated water and sugar together got that much more expensive. It's because fewer people are drinking soda since it's pretty much the worst thing you CAN drink.

And of course on top of this all most food producers are putting less food in their packaging. A simple solution to this is to buy ingredients and make your own damn food. You will be healthier and happier. And wealthier.

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