Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's amazing how some people on the Internet are "getting it" now.

With the whole "Internet culture" thing people are looking for a reason to be a good person. Traditional mentalities no longer work. People need a *reason* to be good. They *want* to be good but their entirely selfish upbringing drives them to find a *reason* to be a better person.

Traditional reasons no longer work since we have found out that most moral leaders were actually assholes and the bulk of their followers are stupid sheep. We don't want to be morons and deep down we don't want to be hypocrites either. We are no longer medieval peasants. We have eaten from the tree of knowledge and it has torn away the comforting blanket of ignorance.

So now for many people there doesn't seem to be reason to be a "good person". But deep down we all want to be the good guy. So now what?

So now people are allowing themselves to take a callous look on morality and figure out that it's actually in their best interest to be be a "good person", or at least fake it enough.

Take these two examples (Which both feature stick men. A sign of the times?):

Order of the Stick.

How not to Fail at Life.

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