Monday, February 02, 2009

Hmm. Raccoon Meat? I dunno.

"The meat is almost ready to be boiled, except for one thing: Although its head, innards and three paws have been removed, it still has one. That's the law.

"They leave the paw on to prove it's not a cat or a dog," Washington says."

Yeah. I can understand eating dog, Squirrel, rabbits and pretty much any other mammal. I come from the back woods. Those animals are all tasty.

But Raccoon? Come on!

Raccoon's are nature's trash pickers. They get TONS of diseases. Any nasty disease that goes through the animal population it's a sure thing that raccoons will get it. And the ones that live near populated areas??? All they eat is TRASH. Do you really want to eat something that is filling up on carcinogenic waste all day? And people complain about what domesticated animals are put through (which is horrible in it's own right I suppose).

This is a "South" thing in the US. Northerners would rather eat something better I suppose. Plenty of tasty deer and bears running around the woods.

I think people eat raccoons down south because they were so dirt cheap during the depression. It just became a tradition.

I mean you cook goat in the manner that they describe in the article and it will come out good. Hell you can cook ANYTHING

For my money I would rather eat something else or do some urban scavenging for food if money was that tight.

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