Friday, October 03, 2008

Video blog on new Apartment I filmed awhile back.

Why did I bother editing this old footage of my new apartment?

Uploaded by Blandco


The GagaMan(n) said...

KOF 99 Evo is ace, I still need to get me that even though i already own Dream Match 1999, 2000 and 2001.

ASCII is pronounced ASS-KEY. =D

Now THAT is one glorious box. I have two of these beauties also, love 'em. I prefer playing Soul Calibur with a standard pad too. Never seen one of those ugly green sticks before. To be safe and sure with that F1 fuse problem I think it's best if you plug in controllers when the system is off, at least from my experience one of mine blew up because I plugged something in while it was on mid-game.

The GagaMan(n) said...

Oh yeah, and when I sent of my photo for the Wind and Water avatar, I sent one with the sombrero and one without just in case. I was pleasantly surprised when they included it =D