Saturday, October 18, 2008

The end of Retro Games from 2008 and on...

I like Retro PC games. I like getting them for cheap at various thrift stores, salvation army stores and pawn shops. It introduces me to franchises, game developers, genres and I generally just like playing old retro stuff.

I am used to buying old PC games and easily being about to run them on my computer.

But now there is a whole new crop of protected games out there that I simply cannot play.

Even if I happened to find a super cheap copy of Half Life 2 out there I can't install it because the single player game REQUIRES internet access to install.

I have no means of using the internet at home right now.

Even worse than that it seems like insane DRM methods are popping up.

A maximum number of installs? Really?

It doesn't effect a gamer like me now but it will when I am looking through garage sales a few years from now.

Now with console games it hasn't gotten that bad yet. A copy of a single player game for the PS3 will still work on the PS3 years from now.

But PC games seem to be getting worse.

Perhaps I am getting too upset at this. I mean I fool around getting old games to work on my new computer because the requirements have changed. Won't there be workarounds made in the future that will ensure I can still buy used games for cheap?

Well I shouldn't have to use hacks and fancy CD-rips to play a retro game I got through an honest transaction.

I first got a copy of Half Life by buying my brothers old copy. Then I ended up buying 2 different bundled collections of the same game from Retail stores.

I also bought a shitload of other Sierra games like FEAR and Timeshift because I loved Half Life so much.

Now if Half Life 2 would have not required Internet access for installing the single player game I would have ALREADY bought Episode 1, 2 and the Orange Pack.

And that loss of $130 to Sierra was caused by a simple internet requirement.

The only way I COULD play the single player game is to pirate it from a Warez site. I don't want to do that because I don't like risking computer viruses.

Can you imagine what a pain in the ass it is going to be to play Retro PC games from 2008 in the future with things like Maximum Installs and other insane DMR measures?

And Pirates will STILL copy the damn game.

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