Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yeah. Not much going on.

General stuff going on at work. More and more people that have never used the library are using the library now that we have "hard economic times".

I am busy watching cats flushing the toilet and that really bothers me.

Lets see here.

This weekend I finally got Dino Crisis 2 again (I had to sell my original copy back in 2002.) I also picked up a good copy of Grandia.

I have been working out which is good.

I slept in by accident today and nobody would have found out about it. (I love my job)
But I did report myself and put in for comp- time to cover the loss.

There was a seminar about a telephone/monitor system for the deaf and I missed going. There was no overtime cash for it and my Friday and Saturday was busy. They did a news story on it and now someone wants us to get it... crap.

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