Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wow. Slacker Uprising.



What's really amazing is a little midway through the movie you get to hear from Bush supporters from 2004.


One person basically says that Bush prays to God for wisdom and thus has her vote.

Of course 4 years from now we have a devout Christian running for office in the form of Barack Obama. And the same people who voted for Bush because he was a Christian are now convinced that Obama is a Muslim. And of course a sizable portion of people won't vote for him because he looks black. News flash people. His white half is a hell of a lot more genetically pure than the average Southerner parentage. If you think you are white then you should get your genes checked and I am sure you will be surprised. It shouldn't matter what the hell your racial background is anyway. If you can make a good speech and are attempting to clean up the shit that the Bush administration left us by getting some money to the middle class you should get elected.

I don't understand how a pacifist leader like Jesus could possibly support an aggressive war like Iraq. Then again most people who are "Christians" never actually read the bible.

It's just so amazing how zealous yet misinformed the great majority of the population is.

I would happy if these people were voting for Bush for reasons centered in reality but it seems this is not the case.

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