Thursday, September 11, 2008

Going to Burlington on Sat.

My car is screwed up. I am going to South Burlington Vermont on Sat to get it checked out at a dealership. I am hoping it's no too much of a problem.

In addition I am also going to a video game store that I found out about that sells old video games.

It's always such a pain to try to find a store that sells old games. The same chain store that sells old video games in one area won't sell them in another store.

The store that I am going to is technically a Hollywood video franchise which doesn't sell retro games anymore at any of their stores. This one apparently does. They have A LOT of old video games according to the guy on the phone.

It's a real pain. I basically did google and mapquest searches for places that sell video games and basically called this place up by pure luck.

In addition there are always stores around that sell video games that only the locals know of.

In any case I have a good feeling about this place and I will probably be in the mood for some video games after getting my car sorted out.

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