Wednesday, September 03, 2008

King of Kong. Awesome Movie. (Kinda stunk how they protrayed Billy as the bad guy)

King of Kong was a great documentary.

It was even more interesting to watch the DVD with commentary and understand the story behind the movie as well. It never started out as a movie just about the Donkey Kong record but that's what it boiled down to.

The people who made this film got stuck with the rest of the stories they were trying to tell and they were forced to go with the central story of Billy vs Steve at Donkey Kong. They really lucked out. The characters and all the back story that was involved really came together well.

It's too bad that they had to paint Billy as the "bad guy" to sell their film but I sort of sympathize with them. If they didn't do that then they wouldn't have gotten the project off the ground.

However, in the end my sympathy really lies with Billy since in real life he is such a stand up guy. Anyone who knows anything about making a film, media editing or story telling can tell that the producers used every trick in the book to make him look bad.

They were forced to in order to tell a story but it still sucks that Mitchell got a raw deal.

In the end I think most people realize who the video gamer of the century is though.

Long live Billy Mitchell.

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