Monday, September 24, 2007

Random List O' Stuff I have been doing.

- Looking for jobs. Hopefully the place I am work part time now will hire me full time allowing me to work just ONE job instead of the insane hours I have been filling recently.

- Garage sales. The hot weather late in fall has allowed a late season of yard sales. GOOD stuff. I got.

1. Decent HP P2 40o Mg 1 gig ram laptop with wireless Wi-Fi $25.

2. 75 pound heavy bag cost hundreds of dollars new $20.

3. SNES $1 - This goes to show how different people deal with garage sales. One person was selling a similar SNES for $35. After I talked to him he admitted that the SNES was not working 35$ for a SNES that doesn't work. Great deal. In the same town a guy was sold me a WORKING SNES for $1. Gotta look out for the good deal people.

4. Lunar 2 Complete PS1 - I always wanted the Sega CD or Saturn versions of Lunar. However I have yet to even see them. So when a person offered this big huge PS1 box set for $5 I bought. It was missing the music CD but everything else was there. Later I looked online and saw that a full version of this same set is selling for around $100!!!!!! Go me. I am still dissapointed that I missed out on the Sega version...ah well. I also got Alone in the Dark 2 and Chocobo Dungeon 2.

- Sluggy Freelance. Holy shit. I had no idea that there was a webcomic this HUGE and cool out there. Vampires, witches, aliens, time travel, evil corporations, hot girl ninja assassins, ghosts, weasels, parodies of popular fiction and movies, Evil dead parodies, Devil Kittens and ONE EVIL BUNNY. This comic has it all. FUN TIMES. It's got good drama and characters I can really get into. Not the main two of course. The supporting characters are the good ones.

Read it. The artwork is crap for awhile but gets better. An excellent time waster.


gnome said...

Gotta love 'em garage sails more than your average job, I'd say. 1$! tsk.

mikey4u1984 said...

Geesh, I always get jelous with the deals Caleb strikes. I would go garage sailing to but they go on to early and by the time I get there peole have bought the good stuff.