Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gamestop to turn it's back on gamers.

Yeah so they stop carrying retro games, the staff become increasing asshole-ish then they dick around with selling back or trading in of old games.

Now Gamestop has stopped pretending. They are going to stop catering to the real gamers and concentrate on the younger crowd and people who don't play many video games... know because the whole "Casual Game Player" thing is really gonna last and shit. The NES, Genesis and PC games created a whole generation of real players out of casual people. After that the market stopped caring about Casual gamers because there were none left.

Same thing is gonna happen now Gamestop. You are gonna stop catering to the majority as soon as these casual gamers loose interest or become real gamers.

And the thing about casual gamers? You only make a profit ONCE. Then they never come back.

Hardcore gamers made you Gamestop. We allowed you to make INSANSE profits.

But hey, I have hated Gamestop ever since they stopped carrying Dreamcast stuff after the takeover of EB Games. So it's not like my opinions have changed much.

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gnome said...

Not surprised really...