Friday, January 23, 2009

Richard Garriot still loves his Ultima.


Then make a single player game!!!!

I was so disappointed way back when Ultima online came out. I was SHOCKED when I found out it had a monthly subscription. Who the hell was going to pay a monthly fee for a game!!!

A game should be something you pay once for and get hours of enjoyment out of!

So yeah "King British" if you want to make another Ultima game then make a proper single player one.

And have a party system!

Not that BS in Pagan and Ultima 9 where you only get to play as the Avatar. Having a bunch of people following you in 1-7 was half the fun dammit.

(And never leave in partial Quests that can never be solved in game! That ghost quest that you couldn't finish drove me freaking INSANE in Ultima 6...)

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