Thursday, August 05, 2010

Tim Rogers

An article by Tim Rogers is amazing to read.

Most people have the little part of our brain that says: "Yes I may have actually come up with this general concept but I never actual did anything with it... and wait a ton of other people probably thought of that very same idea too. So I probably shouldn't try to say that I came up with the idea."

Tim apparently doesn't think in that manner.

Suddenly there is this glorious diarrhea of words and loosely connected concepts about how he is a video game designer and he "designed" Farmville in 1996.

A person might make the immediate decision that Tim is so completely full of BS that he MUST write it all down or it will leak out his eye sockets and destroy his custom glasses.

But I don't. Because he actually DOES something with concepts in his brain. He writes them down and gets them to a wide audience.

Tim Rogers may not be an actual game designer by any definition other than the loosest one possible, but he is something...

A writer whose work is entertaining to read.

And that is something.


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