Monday, December 21, 2009

I played RE 5!

Wow. So first Dragon Age and now this!

Resident Evil 5 was on massive clearance at the local Target store. So I decided to buy it for a few bucks thinking that there might be a slim chance it might work on my computer.

It DOES! Amazingly well!

I don't know why software companies have the minimum specs set so high.

In any case it was pretty much the same game as RE4 with a few new features. I didn't like the partner thing... I mean in RE 0 you were on your own for a good portion of the game. It would have been nice to keep that feeling of being alone that the other games in the series captured.

It was honestly a bit of pain to keep making sure that Sheva had enough ammo. She never died (Except in a few rare cases where she her programming made her suicide) but when you wanted her to attack it seemed she went through ammo pretty quickly.

Too many quick time events.

Too many enemies with one hit kills. Instead of making the game hard like the original titles it made it cheap.

Still overall a fun game and I played the whole thing.


I feel sad that they had to finish off Wesker. He was a great character and was awesome throughout the whole series. It seemed weird that such a cool headed guy would go crazy and try an insane take over the world thing.