Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A nice moment.

Perhaps this was not as cool as people would lead us to believe but it was something.


Let's try to remember when Westernized culture meant BOOKS. East Germans lined up to buy BOOKS!

Let's not let the corporate culture and political bullshit that is happening in the West make us think that it's too late for good things to happen.

Help other people throw off ignorance rather than revel in it like the vast majority of the population of the US. And YES that includes most of the ignorant slobs who voted for Obama or McCain.

There is something better to strive for. People CAN be better than they are in every way. Don't listen to the defeatists who claim that we have already sunken too far.

Get out there. Do something in the community. Make something creative that other people will see. Help someone. Do something to point out the real problems. LEARN HISTORY.

Support your local public library.

The idea of "The West" shouldn't call up images of some Corporate CEO or greedy false Politician grinding his boot into the face of some hardworking everyman. It shouldn't conjure up images of needless wars that are being fought for the wrong reasons.

Let's all remember when for some people "The West" meant BOOKS and freedom for knowledge, ideas and information.


fatherkrishna said...

An absolutely superb post and a message of pure optimism! I only wish we could see more of this sentiment coming from more of our populations.

I once thought of myself as highly politicised, but I guess I've slipped into the mindset of "the (neo-fascist)current is too strong to swim against" and have become quite complacent of late.

This post is a timely wake-up call!

Anonymous said...

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