Friday, August 14, 2009

Zombie Webcomics

Well I could actually include a bunch of different webcomics where zombies are a reoccurring theme (Sluggy Freelance, ect.), but I think I will keep this restricted to straight up ZOMBIE WECOMICS.

Number one, Dead Winter.

This one has an interesting/weird art style that actually threw me off at first but I kept reading it and it was a pretty fun story. It says something when the character I root most for is a cold blooded killer named "Black Monday Blues". Nothing to take very seriously here. Interesting to note that the most dangerous character so far is an uninfected obese short order cook.

Number two, Last Blood.

Vampires VS Zombies. Really how much plot and character development do you need for a concept like this? Before getting into some pretty convoluted plot points this is a great read. Zombies are killing all the humans and without humans there is no blood. So Vampires have to step up and kick some undead ass. Best part is when one barbaric vampire starts killing zombies by biting their brains to "beat them at their own game".

Number three, Everyday Decay.

Everyday Decay

Sweet title. Nice little webcomic. The art has gotten better throughout it's run. The characters are a bit confusing and I really don't understand if they act the way they do because everyone who is still living is batshit insane for some reason or if the writer trying too hard. As usual the worst offenders are not zombies but asshole/insane humans. There is also a little toy dog in this webcomic that I find pretty annoying. Such USELESS noisy animals would have never survived the zombie apocalypse.

And last but not least, Number four, The Zombie Hunters

The Zombie Hunters

Great webcomic with a ton of character development and compelling story. It's interesting to note that this comic features several types of zombies. I suggest you read the introduction and zombie glossary to get up to speed. So pretty much every type of "zombie" is represented within. An excellent read.

(sadly the zombie hunters website is currently down)

If you happen to know of another great zombie webcomic please let me know!

And of course if you want a really great in-print zombie webcomic please check out The Walking Dead. I ordered if for my library and everyone seems to love it.

PS -

Speaking of undead things, please do not forget to vote in the Dreamcast top 100 event!


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