Monday, April 14, 2008

Are people that complain about racism in RE5 the ones who keep racism alive?

That's what a lot of people commented when N’Gai Croal made some statements to the effect that the game was indeed racist.

Later there was a whole backlash against the more ignorant/vile comments.


It's hard for me to comment on stuff like this because I do not see what Mr. Croal sees. I may never. The game may indeed share some similarities in tone to racism. But what doesn't? Racism is in all of us. In everyone. It's the same basic fear of the outsider, the unknown the ones that are not of our tribe. It's the fear that kept us alive for a long time.

It could be argued that the producers of the game were going for that original fear that we all have and stumbled upon the more recent themes of racism as well. Maybe they shouldn't have made the game set in Africa. It makes some people like Mr. Croal upset.

Yet others don't get that at all. Others don't seem to understand his feelings because to them racism doesn't matter anymore. Race doesn't really matter anymore. So is that a good thing?

Is it better to let racism fade into the past and hope it never comes back?

Or is it better to make sure the next generation knows how bad racism was and still could be?

A ton of kids in the next generation are still racist. The crap that goes on chat rooms and X-box live chats proves that.

Racism will always be with us to a degree. Humans are hardwired like that. We will always look upon other groups with suspicion because we CAN'T all live in harmony.

As long as it doesn't impede anyone's rights or economic prospects does that make it OK?

Do we need to ban a game because it brings up themes of racism?

Do we need to ban a person complaining about the themes in a game because he is "keeping racism alive"?

Do we need to ban the people making nasty comments about this person just because of his views?

Should we just ban everyone or no one?

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Bongle said...

I don't think RE5 racist at all. In an Interview one of the devs said that they wanted to go into the origins of the T-Virus so they decided to make it take place where humanity started(which scientests believe is Africa).