Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Post apocalyptic Grocery Store

With moving to a new area comes new adventures.

I found a huge couch near my apartment that I dragged home. It was way bigger than I first thought though. I *Barely got it inside. When I leave that apartment I am gonna Axe that monstronsity.

A large P&C grocery store near new new apartment was going out of business and I went there to shop for their last week (I didn't know it was the last days of the store until I went in). Everything in the store was 25% off.

Apparently it was a pretty quick closure because NOBODY was there.

It was like shopping at a grocery store right after something killed off all the population. Parts of the store were completely closed off and other parts were full of stuff. So places were still neat and orderly. Others had big cardboard boxes and wodden pallets around and empty shelves.

The store was dead silent and there was nothing playing on the store speakers. There were hardly any employees around either. I could hear the wheels of the cart squeak as I walked through the store and hear the echo of my own footsteps.

It was like the grocery scene in 28 days later when they shop in the empty store.
It was really fun for me because I always wanted to shop like that.

Everything was dirt cheap too.

They had bagged up all the produce and slapped a .99 cent sticker on most of it.

I got like 12 cloves of garlic for a buck.

All the high end organic stuff was cheap as well.

I got bags of onions and potatoes.

Everything that was already on weekly sale was still on sale price plus the 25% off.

So I got a big jug of 8th con. and Silk soy milk for super cheap.

I got enough food to last for at least a couple of months.

I feel sad that the store is closing though. I really like P&C grocery because their sale items match with weekly coupons and they double the value of coupons under $1.

All in All it was a fun time.


Royal Lance said...

You should see the store near my place. Chicken feet in a plastic bag with a twistie. No kidding.

Caleb said...

Raw chicken feet???

I have seen cooked ones but raw?

Damn. I mean I have seen them in butcher shops so people can make old fashioned stew out of them and stuff...but a regular store that sells chicken feet???? Damn.

That out does the Cow Brains you can buy in some of the stores around here.

Scrambled cow brains...mmmhhh.

Mix in some eggs and you have enough cholesterol to last you FOREVER.