Monday, June 04, 2007

Still busy.

I am tired.

So yeah. Still have not edited that video yet. However, I did not get a day off yet...and my downtime while not at work was somewhat stressful...

While taking a quick search at Youtube for Dreamcast vids I saw this:

At least he explained that Tony Hawk's 2 was the sequel to Tony Hawk's PS...I was really confused about that...

This has GOT to be one of the worst video blogs ever...The dude is looking away from the camera the whole damn time. He doesn't really "rant" or do anything interesting...and he only talks about 2 Dreamcast games. What the hell is the point???

Two of his key points that I found interesting:

"I love the Sports games" (I bet he does)

"Tony Hawk two is better because it's newer than Tony Hawk 1"

This encapsulates two of my main beliefs about gaming.

Number one: People that enjoy traditional sports games (i.e. Basketball/Football) ruin the industry.

Number two: People that think games are better just because they are newer are stupid.

So I guess this video does have a purpose. While I am sure he wanted to make a video that would show off his games and vast video game knowledge, what he really produced was concrete evidence that not all people that play Dreamcast games are cool, smart and interesting.

If I ever make a video this dull and crappy...I dunno. I just hope that never happens.

This video was almost at the point of "so bad it's good".


gnome said...

Actually, it absolutely nailed the point. I laughed...

The GagaMan(n) said...

And people complained about my video broadcasting skills..XD

gnome said...

tsk, tsk