Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday Best Buy Ad Misprint. (Or how I landed Comand and Conquer 3 plus expansion for $9.99)

There was a misprint in the Best Buy flyer that had Command and Conquer 3 Plus expansion for $9.99 instead of the Command and Conquer collection.

So I saved $30 when I bought it. Pretty sweet.

I also bought Bioshock and that means I gotta haul in my Computer to work on Mon to register it online.


OK the MightyGodKing blog is pretty good.

He had had some sweet features.

Consider this three part run of book covers.




I love independent animation.

Not funny unless you saw the original Akira and understand why an American remake is a horrible, horrible idea. Just let some people make some original material!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Solo Gamer in a multiplayer world.

This article hit on a few things that I was trying to explain to another gamer the other day.

It's tough to explain. Let me make a comparison.

I remember reading a Sci-Fi short story during middle school were kids from the future find an ancient relic called a "book". They don't understand it. It only reads one way and when you are done reading it still has the same words on the pages. They were used to computer monitors and the constant flow of information. So they figured people must have thrown the books away after reading them.

They didn't understand the value of the book or the act of reading. To read a good book and then be able to read it again in the future is something awesome.

It's sort of the same situation with newer gamers who do not appreciate single player games. Some good games, like a good novel can be enjoyed again. And it's the solitary act of enjoying it that really makes the experience special.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Confession. I did read Twilight.


And I have no excuse at all.

I am an Adult Services Librarian.

I have no business reading YA books about teenage girls and shiny vampires.

I am no longer taking Young Adult literature classes in graduate school.


But hey. Vampires. I was once told that I shouldn't be reading Anne Rice because they are "for girls". Well screw that. If there are vampires in it I am going to read it or watch it.

All in all the book started out pretty great and captured my attention but quickly became sappy and bland. I am sure most young adults would consider those parts to be terribly interesting but I did not. Then it picked up a bit with bloodshed and running away from psychotic killer vampires who probably just showed up to inform the readers what real badass vampires are all about.

In any case I was grudging entertained by the book. It is interesting to read it as a 27 year old with no more childish ideas about romance and other completely false ideals. I don't think it's going to negatively effect any young person reading it and in fact like the YA book Sweet Blood it might potentially warn them to be a bit suspicious of creepy strangers.

But of course there are always those that will become obsessed over the books and movie. But hey those people would have become obsessed over something, if not this.

It's a trashy romance book.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hulu is pretty sweet.

If you are late to the party like me you might not have messed around with Hulu much.

Try it out.

Rather than mess around with insane network websites to watch episodes of missed shows I can simply go to Hulu, ignore a few very short commercials and watch it in full in excellent quality.

I dunno why some people don't seem to like it.

Thanksgiving. Cooking Mama KILLS.

PETA has got a new game up. Cooking Mama Kills.

I wonder why the heck PETA has got to take stabs at holidays?

Shouldn't they just be trying to make people cut down on their everyday intake of meat?

Then again they do have the unreasonable goal of stopping all meat consumption of a society of omnivores. (Our teeth do not support a fully vegetarian lifestyle.)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Blue States VS Red States.

It's amazing how much people down south bitch and moan about "liberal elitists" up north.

Somehow they blame ALL their major problems on the northern states and don't see the connection when they elect people like Bush into office.

I don't know how they can just lump everyone together. I am living proof that there are rural areas and backwoods up here. We are not all city folk.

Just because your states originally based your economy on slaves and cotton is no reason to give up.

Businessmen have TRIED to setup factories down south but nobody stepped up to work.

Shit half the people I graduated college with moved down south because it's so easy for a person with education to get a high paying job down there. I mean come on I could have gotten a job that pays 10 K more if I would have looked around more in the South Carolina area.

Focus on some education and bettering yourself a bit Red States. After we stop wasting billions of dollars on useless wars and start building up new technology in the US we will need people to rebuild on the ruins of old America.

Here is the best bit of Red State hating I found on the web.

"Dear Red States...

We've decided we're leaving. We intend to form our own country, and
we're taking the other Blue States with us.

In case you aren't aware, that includes Hawaii, Oregon,Washington,
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and all the Northeast. We
believe this split will be beneficial to the nation, and especially
to the people of the new country of New California.

To sum up briefly: You get Texas, Oklahoma and all the slave states.
We get stem cell research and the best beaches. We get Elliot
Spitzer. You get Ken Lay.

We get the Statue of Liberty. You get Dollywood.
We get Intel and Microsoft. You get WorldCom.
We get Harvard. You get Ole' Miss.
We get 85 percent of America's venture capital and entrepreneurs. You
get Alabama.
We get two-thirds of the tax revenue, you get to make the red states
pay their fair share.

Since our aggregate divorce rate is 22 percent lower than the
Christian Coalition's, we get a bunch of happy families. You get a
bunch of single moms.

Please be aware that Nuevo California will be pro-choice and
anti-war, and we're going to want all our citizens back from Iraq at
once. If you need people to fight, ask your evangelicals. They have
kids they're apparently willing to send to their deaths for no
purpose, and they don't care if you don't show pictures of their
children's caskets coming home. We do wish you success in Iraq, and
hope that the WMDs turn up, but we're not willing to spend our
resources in Bush's Quagmire.

With the Blue States in hand, we will have firm control of 80 percent
of the country's fresh water, more than 90 percent of the pineapple
and lettuce, 92 percent of the nation's fresh fruit, 95 percent of
America's quality wines (you can serve French wines at state dinners)
90 percent of all cheese, 90 percent of the high tech industry, most
of the U.S. low-sulfur coal, all living redwoods, sequoias and
condors, all the Ivy and Seven Sister schools, plus Harvard, Yale,
Stanford, Cal Tech and MIT.

With the Red States, on the other hand, you will have to cope with 88
percent of all obese Americans (and their projected health care
costs), 92 percent of all U.S. mosquitoes, nearly 100 percent of the
tornadoes, 90 percent of the hurricanes, 99 percent of all Southern
Baptists, virtually 100 percent of all televangelists, Rush Limbaugh,
Bob Jones University, Clemson and the University of Georgia.

We get Hollywood and Yosemite, thank you.

Additionally, 38 percent of those in the Red states believe Jonah was
actually swallowed by a whale, 62 percent believe life is sacred
unless we're discussing the death penalty or gun laws, 44 percent say
that evolution is only a theory, 53 percent that Saddam was involved
in 9/11 and 61 percent of you crazy b*****ds believe you are people
with higher morals then we lefties.

By the way, we're taking the good pot, too. You can have that dirt
weed they grow in Mexico.

Peace out,
Blue States"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

World of Goo 90% piracy rate?

Wow. That really sucks.

I am not afraid to change my position on issues like DRM if this is how bad it's getting.

This is a $20 game from an indy producer who lowered the DRM and copy protection in order to please the consumers.

Now the pirates have not just bite the hands that feeds they savaged a small company that just wanted to do the right thing.

Shame on you Torrent losers.

I am against DRM that won't allow gamers to play certain single player games without an internet connection or has a max install number. But this is INSANE.

There is a healthy middle ground here people!

Old PSAs

I generally don't go for Cracked articles but this one made me smile.

I totally used a bit from the introduction of "Perversion for Profit" for my second skit comedy DVD.

The prelinger archive has a ton of PSAs like this and old movies like "Reefer Madness". The best part is that you can use the footage in any media project you want for free. Oh I spent many days in college looking over this material.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

I have a CDI player.

That's right.

I managed to score a basic CDi 200 unit from ebay for just $39 with free shipping.


I took pics but forgot to transfer them to my flash drive for upload.

The CD tray is very loose and actually slides out of the machine if turned on it's side but besides making a noise like a dying whitetail deer when sliding in and out it seems to work fine.

I tried out Tetris and it ran perfectly.

The CDi remote (which I assume is the original) is powered by 2 AA batteries and is pretty beefy. It's amazing responsive even when not pointed at the CDi. It's got a big clunky thumb stick that is different from any other controller I have ever used. On the main menu bootup screen it acts just like a mouse.

The machine itself seems like it's in excellent condition and it even came with the original manual.

All I need to do now is keep looking for discount software for the system!