Thursday, January 29, 2009


There is no end to the mechanics people can create for side scrolling games.

Age of Decadence. Looking GOOD.

THIS is what I am talking about.

Differing options based on what you role-played!

I can't wait to see how this turns out.

I am somewhat sick of games like Oblivion that have very few options in this regard. (Though I do enjoy making poisons that have damage, fire damage, burden and paralze effects. That's fun.)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

NeverWinter Nights 2 Gold has a glitch

I wish I could play the game but barely an hour into the game I encounter a bug that makes the game unplayable.


And the game does not have a patch you can download. You have to download the patch through an autopatch system. Which I cannot do since I have no internet at home.


How could they release an unplayable game in a GOLD release. At one point in time a gold release meant that the game was solid. The FINAL version.

This is such BS that people in the games industry think EVERYONE has ready access to the Internet...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Richard Garriot still loves his Ultima.


Then make a single player game!!!!

I was so disappointed way back when Ultima online came out. I was SHOCKED when I found out it had a monthly subscription. Who the hell was going to pay a monthly fee for a game!!!

A game should be something you pay once for and get hours of enjoyment out of!

So yeah "King British" if you want to make another Ultima game then make a proper single player one.

And have a party system!

Not that BS in Pagan and Ultima 9 where you only get to play as the Avatar. Having a bunch of people following you in 1-7 was half the fun dammit.

(And never leave in partial Quests that can never be solved in game! That ghost quest that you couldn't finish drove me freaking INSANE in Ultima 6...)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Interesting Blog.

It's a "Diablog". Perhaps the first one I have ever read. The two contributors also have some interesting blogs of their own. (look on the left hand side under blogroll)

Interesting reading if you are bored.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ignorance is an approved state of mind now.

This article sort of sums up my views on the matter.

Ignorance. People are proud of their ignorance in this country. They revel in it.

I grew up in it in rural America.

Yet it's still hard to explain this situation and how we have gotten to this point.

Which is what the author the above article probably ran into when he didn't provide any specific research to back this up.

I could spend some time coming up with real examples from my own life that I can back up with hard facts but come on...

...I am too busy working at my library trying to help people cure themselves of ignorance to do that right now. know plus it's tax season and everything.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Dreamcast still alive at Real Life Comics.


The Dreamcast AI is still alive!

Sega will one day rule the market!!!

The new achewood is all about Garage Sales.

Some of this is really true.

I would like to think that I am not one of those weirdos but in reality I probably am.

Well shit last year I got a Japanese PS2 with 50 Japanese PS, PS2 and Saturn games for like nothing!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Spellforce 2 has a game breaking side quest in it.

I normally forgive game designers for some small flaws in games.

But this one is unforgivable.

This is the puzzle. You have 5 keys.

Key 2
Key 9
Key 4
Key 8
Key 5

Here is text from the puzzle.

Red plus Blue multiplied by Green minus Yellow equals 30.

So I thought:

R + B x G - Y = 30

8 + 9 x 2 - 4 = 30


9 + 8 x 2 - 4 = 30

I came up with that in about 5 seconds. But it's not the answer.

The real puzzle is this.

Red + ( Blue x Green) - Yellow = 30.

R+ (B x G) - Y = 30


Red plus Blue multiplied by Green minus Yellow equals 30.


Plus there is a relatively easy solution to the misinterpreted puzzle.

Stuff like this is very annoying to me.

Paul Robertson's new commerical.

That game would be so cool in real life!

So many changing genres!

Did you catch the Sega Master System reference to paper rock sissors?